There are plenty of builders out there that will be able to get your project done. Unfortunately, there are also a few dirt bags out there too. I’ve heard too many stories of people being taken advantage of. My goal is to provide you with the best possible experience while creating your project. Part of achieving that experience is providing an unusually high level of honesty – an honesty that can be relied on. 

I begin by assuming that you want a quality product. If not, then please don’t bother contacting me. I also assume that you want it to be functional. That’s where I step in. I am here to help you get both. I am here to help you see your project come to fruition in a way that works in harmony with the rest of your home. Most often it really just comes down to seeing the big picture in the beginning. I can do that and I can help you see it too. I’ll meet you at the drawing board!

I actually like this stuff! I don’t “need” this work. I like the work. I like the final product. I also like seeing the steps all come together as the project moves along. I really like being a part of client’s dreams coming to life! I like the excitement that a great product and experience brings my clients. I bring this enthusiasm to your project site.

This word can and has been used in many different ways. “Value” often means something different to different people. The word can be used to explain a cheap price for a product. Depending on where you look up the definition it usually has couple of common thoughts.

Simply put the word value means what the product is worth. Now that worth can be different to each person and largely depends on the context of the situation. That’s why the word “value” has such varied meanings. It can be very simply the monetary value – the price tag. It can also mean something desirable, something more than just the price tag.

So I ask you, what is the value of the project that you have in mind? I intend to deliver a highly desirable product! It’s your project with a better experience!

On one hand, this is a hard one for me. On the other hand it’s simple enough. I don’t really do the sales game. I’m not the sales guy at the car lot looking to get a sale today. As I’ve stated in other places, I don’t need this work to put food on the table, so to speak. I do however, like this work and have found that my particular skill set coupled with an attitude to get it done is becoming more and more rare.

The strategy is simple. I have turned the table around. My potential clients are in control. The feasibility of your project being completed by Residential Building Services depends largely on you.

When you contact me, instead of interviewing me (which will inevitably happen), I intend on interviewing you. I don’t mean to be rude by saying that. I don’t want to waste your time or mine talking about a project that I can’t help you with. It’s simple enough, I am what I say I am. That’s already out there. What I don’t know is who you are and what your project is. With that in mind, I am looking for the right clients with the right kind of project. If your project is going to be a better experience, it must have the right contractor involved. I have to ask if I am that contractor for you?

That’s you – the client. The entire reason for us to get in contact with one another is because you have a project that you’d like to hire someone to complete. It may be fairly simple and functional, like a new gate alongside the house or it may be a major remodel or add on to your home. Either way, you have probably put at least some forethought into it. I want to hear those thoughts.

By listening to your thoughts, I hope to bring them to life. That’s my job! By doing it right I become your working hands to bring to life the thoughts you’ve already had. My job very simplified, is to enable you, my client, to build what you want to build.

Ready to get started?