Hi everyone,

So, this is my newest adventure – General Contractor… again! I thought I should give anyone who wants to read this brief summary of why and how this business exists.

During the last twenty + years, I (Jeremy) have worked in a variety of different building types. After a few labor type jobs right after high school, I started in construction building post frame or pole buildings. The great thing about pole buildings is that you’re part of the project from start to finish. That gives a very rounded foundation for someone learning construction. I’ve seen a blank piece of dirt area and a pile of materials transform into custom shops, barns or even homes many times from early on in my career.

I did that for several years, eventually working as a foreman running crews for some of the bigger pole building companies in the area. Over the years, as it suited the situation, I’ve been a contractor a couple of times, first as a specialty contractor – Schooler Based Construction, then later as a general contractor – All Sound Construction. I’ve had the opportunity to work on more conventional style “stick framed” homes. Stick framing, added to my background, just gave me an even fuller understanding of structural framing.

For a while I worked for a hardscape builder getting into some very nice custom outdoor living areas. I’ve worked with professional sheet rockers and roofers, and I’ve been able to work with concrete pouring slabs and walkways at various jobs around the buildings I was building. Also, for a year or two, I was able to work for a person who owned several properties – commercial and private residence. I was a part of major remodels and general fixing up of those properties as was needed or desired. 

Over the last several years I’ve worked in a variety of little jobs. I’ve found myself helping people with those things that many builders just can’t or won’t take the time to mess with. This has been a great blessing to be a part of as I get to see many very happy and appreciative people. That has also given me the opportunity to hear about a variety of ways things didn’t work out with the “last builder” working on the project. I’ve heard the stories and totally understand why there is often a lack of trust and/or confidence in builders. This is a major part of what drives me today to stand out amongst an unfortunate reputation! 

The time has come for me to be a general contractor again. This will be a part time job for me. I still have a full-time job and it is still my full-time priority. On the part-time I intend on striving towards being an example of what a customer/builder relationship should look like. I intend on insisting on only working with the same-minded builders on any project I’m involved in. That intention is solely based on my belief that it is possible to build a project and have a great experience doing it. But to do so, means building the experience too!

I hope that all makes sense. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Check out the rest of the website. When you’re ready to explore if Residential Building Services is a right fit for your project, check out the “Client Application” or contact me and I can help you work through that process.